Ramen and Slurp

Heavenly broth with ramen noodles, flavorful, easy and homemade.

“Ramen will eventually take over as the world’s go-to comfort food. Why? Because it’s a perfectly balanced umami bomb. It’s also fun to eat. Practiced ramen eaters rarelybreak stride: Suck a pile of noodles, slurp some soup, chew a piece of pork, lap upsome egg yolk, then start the process again. Before you know it, the bowl is empty.”–Ivan Orkin, a New York-born chef who moved to Tokyo and became obsessed with ramen, eventually opening two of that city’s best noodle temples.  For more see http://www.bonappetit.com/restaurants-travel/article/a-beginner-s-guide-to-ramen



2 thoughts on “Ramen and Slurp

  1. I love ramen. Is that your son in the photo? If so, was that his first time eating ramen? Do you have a favorite ramen shop where you live?

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